Beautiful Rooms

"But we couldn’t leave without a little splash of colour. This gorgeous wallpaper is by Divine Savages in a new colour called Arsenic, which is so appropriate for a wallpaper name I’m surprised it hasn’t been used more often. For those who aren’t away of story – now fairly well discredited – it was believed for many years that Napoleon died from poisoning as arsenic leaked out of his wallpaper – it was a popular green dye in the 1800s. He was found to have arsenic in his hair in the autopsy and a sample of the paper which was taken from his room in the 1820s and was tested in the 1990s, was found to contain arsenic.

It’s a good theory which remains unproven and the more likely explanation is stomach cancer, but anyway make of it what you will, this is still a very beautiful wallpaper.

Next, in less controversial Teal. It’s an art deco style and I’m wondering if it would work in the spare room in my Victorian house on which I am currently drawing a decorative blank. The main issue being that it has a grey sofa bed which we can’t replace so anything we do must go with that. I’m still thinking it through."



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