5 Exciting Ways To Use Wallpaper

5 exciting ways to use wallpaper


Wallpaper has the magical ability to transform any space, with a superpower far greater than that of humble paint. With wallpaper well and truly enjoying a renaissance, you can bring bold colour and pattern into your home without the risk of splashing carpets and furniture with splotches of paint, or having to deal with all that dreaded prep work and cutting in. Put that paintbrush down, here are five exciting ways to use wallpaper in your home.



Above: use a bold print like our Deco Martini to wrap your room. Think beyond the traditional ‘feature wall’ and continue the pattern across the corner so that two walls shine brightly and create a striking focal point.

Wallpaper doesn’t have to be just for walls either. Think outside the box, or should that be closet; consider creating a burst of pattern when you open a cupboard door - as seen on House Of Hipsters Blog when she transformed her plain coat closet into a vibrant and exciting space to welcome guests using our Crane Fonda wallpaper in Coral.


You could also look at wallpapering wardrobe doors like this stunning walk-in version from House and Garden.
Find the fifth wall. Yes, look up! You can create a truly unique feature by using wallpaper on the ceiling, like this chic dining room clad in Kelly Wearstler wallpaper.
Use wallpaper on furniture. Whether patterned or textured, you can apply wallpaper to tables, sideboards, cocktail cabinets - you name it you can do it. We recently worked with Design Retro Brighton who added a gorgeous Art Deco textured Anaglypta wallpaper to totally transform our bedside cabinets.
Lastly, combine wallpaper with tiling in a bathroom for the classiest of looks. Pepper and Co created a flamboyant bathroom using our Zsa Zsa wallpaper, paired with ornate white tiles and brass trim.



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