Turn Your Walls Into A Masterpiece With Artistic Wallpaper

Wallpaper has come a long way over the years. It used to be the stuff of nightmares. I have vivid memories of being young and moving home with my parents and seeing their horror at discovering layer upon layer of old wallpaper on the walls of each and every room. There was a flock, there was textured, there was over the top floral (actually on trend now!) and it was stuck fast. We spent weeks steaming and scraping that all off! Today through our love of wallpaper couldn’t be stronger; it’s all changed with today’s new non-woven production techniques, it comes down as easily as it goes up, not that you’d ever want to remove it!
With such an incredible range of unique wall murals available it can be a daunting task on where to start looking, so let us introduce some of our most popular artistic wallpaper for walls which will turn yours into a masterpiece in no time and remember you can purchase all our home wallpaper online at divinesavages.com.


If you’re looking for something with that wow-factor then look no further than our Faunacation Wallpaper which was featured at this year’s Grand Designs Live where interior designer extraordinaire Oliver Thomas created a Maximalist Masterpiece using our unique wall murals.
Our iconic print features tropical palms, jungle foliage, and big cats and combines a bold colour palette of rich blues and reds for a fabulous finish whether it’s for a feature wall or a complete room. It’s also now available in our Nocturnal Faunacation colourway with a luxurious mix of deep blue, teal and emerald green which takes this jungle-inspired print to a new level as the big cats come out at night, joined by a beautiful full moon and a sky awash with stars.
Our artistic wallpaper for walls continues with our deliciously dark Prehistoria print. Inspired by intricate Victorian wallpapers, the ones I recall stripping from my parents’ home, this wallcovering brings a modern gothic glamour to any area of the home. In muted tones of charcoal, black and grey and featuring a tribe of Jurassic beasts this proves that dinosaurs aren’t just for kids.
So, if you’re seeking fresh inspiration for the walls in your home, look no further than Divine Savages and our collection of luxury wallpapers; great British design that pushes creative boundaries to deliver unique, bold wallpaper prints that stand out from the crowd.

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